EEUU: Public Policy Juvenile Justice Petition


Placing young offenders in the justice system often leads to recidivism and a higher likelihood of arrest as an adult. In order to improve the effectiveness of juvenile detention we must focus on the education and growth of these youth. We propose that federal funds be moved from juvenile detention centers to community based rehabilitation centers, focused on educating these young people, with teachers skilled at dealing with these types of students. The instructors will provide general education and specific trade skills. The centers would also provide psychiatric help for the kids to get to the root of their behavioral issues. This type of individual attention is only possible in smaller, community based centers rather than the current, oversized detention centers.


**I do not own this song. Title: mad world, Artist: Gary Jules.

This video is for signatures for our petition for juvenile justice.**

This video is for my Intro to Public Policy class.

vía Public Policy Juvenile Justice – YouTube.



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